How We are Eco Friendly

How the River Cangrejal Lodge and Eco Resort conforms to the ten requirement that define an Eco-Lodge as defined by **********

  1. Helps conserve the surrounding flora and fauna.
    We have preserved all the old growth forest on the property and maintain as necessary We have planted numerous different varieties of plants, Heliconias, Gingers, Hibiscus and Bourgainvillia to name a few.
  2. Tries to work with the local community.
    Our employees all come from our neighboring villages and are paid better than basic wage for the area.
  3. Offers educational interpretive programs to both its employees and tourists about the surrounding natural and cultural environments.
    Our employees guide tourists on walks in the Cloud Forest. We provide guests with access to local parks and wildlife preserves as well as rafting trips down the river that are both exciting and educational.
    We provide books on how the Rain Forest eco-system functions, such as the excellent �Tropical Nature�
  4. Uses alternative, sustainable means of water acquisition and reduces water consumption.
    All water is obtained from a local stream that runs all year. It is clear and unaffected by animal grazing upstream as it flows through dense jungle unsuitable for grazing.
    In the dry season watering is restricted to preserve sufficient flow for sustaining the colonies of shrimp and crab that inhabit it.
  5. Provides correct handling of sewage and recycling of waste.
    The sewage is handled by correctly sized septic tanks that drain into effective and properly designed and built leach fields. This provides clean underground water for plant life. The fields are placed so as not to affect the river or streams.
    All rubbish waste is recycled on site at the city dump.
  1. Meets its energy needs through passive design and renewable energy resources.
    The stream provides enough flow for a Pelton Wheel Turbine and in the dry season we can harvest abundant sunshine. Both issues are being considered for installation later in 2010
  2. Uses traditional building technology and materials wherever possible and combines these with their modern counterparts.
    The La Ceiba Lodge, constructed by Honduran workman in the traditional Champa fashion is a remarkable building. It is not only sturdy but visually stunning. The other Houses or Villas are constructed to the same US codes as prevail in Florida.
  3. During construction has minimal impact on the natural environment.
    Absolutely no heavy equipment was use in the construction of the eco-lodge. All foundation trenches and removal of large boulders was manual. All concrete was mixed by hand using sand from the river. All stone work used stones from the river. The work was done by local craftsmen from the surrounding villages.
  4. Blends with local physical and cultural environment through careful attention to form, landscaping and color, as well as the use of local traditional architecture.
    The entire project was designed with low environmental impact in mind. The whole eco-lodge area literally nestles on the banks of the river and looks visually pleasing to the passing rafters eyes as well as our guests who stay on the property. A frequent comment is that the whole area is stunning and far more beautiful than portrayed in the photos of same.
  5. Contributes to sustainable local community development through education programs and research.
    The River Cangrejal Eco-Lodge is a supporter of NGOs such as Guaruma, where we teach kids environmental awareness. In addition our kids have won major photo contests held abroad. They are also taught computer science.
    Helping Honduras Kids provides education to the kids on the river who cannot get to the town schools and HHK also looks after 20 plus orphans in the City of La Ceiba.