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Mountain biking in La Quenca

Mountain biking

Time: 5 hrs

Experience nature, spectacular views, and Jungle villages via mountain bike! To start, we take an exceptional 4x4 ride up the Cangrejal River Valley, along the fringe of Pico Bonito National Park.  On this trip we admire inspiring views, experience how locals live.  This is a great way for those who want to experience other cultures!

At the end of the road, we arrive in Urraco, a village almost at the Peak of the Gracias A Dios Mountain Range, where the biking adventure begins. We ride downhill, downstream, and down the valley to the wood-cutter village of Urraco and Toncontin and then to Yaruca, a small farming village. After Yaruca, we cross the bridge where the three rivers meet and make our way towards the mountains. We might head to La Colorada, depending on the water level of the Rio Viejo, a truly authentic village with small adobe and thatched-roof houses and super friendly people.

In this area we see are 61 mounds cloaking the ancient temples, not yet excavated by the worlds archeologists. Upon studying the majesty and mystique, it is back on down to where we started in the morning.

Please bring: tennis shoes, shorts, sun cream, insect repellent, sun hat/cap, swim suit. Got your own water bottle, camera or daypack? Bring it! FYI: We can customize MTB trips so just let us know what you are interested in doing or seeing.


Kayaking in the Cacao Lagoon

Cacao Lagoon

Time: 5-7 hours

Located approximately 24 km. east of La Ceiba, on the highway that leads to Trujillo. This small oceanside lagoon is totally surrounded by mangrove forests, where a variety of tropical aquatic birds can be seen. In addition, there are 8 troops of monkeys that inhabit the area, of which some are howler monkeys and the others are white face monkeys. The trip into the area is interesting, as the village makes a living from its cacao and sugar cane plantations. Cacao, a rare tropical fruit native to America was used in pre-Columbian times as money, due to the great value that the native Indians gave to it. Today, it is the main ingredient in the manufacturing of chocolate. Within the town you will have the opportunity to see the cacao bushes, as well as the sugar cane plantations. The old ox driven sugar mill, which is still in use will fascinate you.

After enjoying the village and its people, we load our boats and set out weaving through a small Mangrove channel out into the Lagoon.  Paddling along the lagoons edge we can see and hear wildlife, here and there are a few local fishermen fishing from their dugout canoes. Before long we enter the Monkey Channel, another narrow and overgrown channel full of mangroves. This is where most of the wildlife sightings occur, lots of birds, bats and howler monkeys are often seen.

After the scenic ride through the quiet lagoon and its mangroves, take a refreshing swim in the beach, from where you have a very beautiful view of the Cayos Cochinos, located only 15 km. away, directly in front of the beach.

On our way back to the lodge there is an option to stop at the San Luis Ranch. This is a private animal refuge station, where you can see most of the animals to be seen in Honduras.

Please bring: Shorts, swim suites T-shirt, light shoes, sun cream, sun hat, insect repellent and your camera. 


Canopy Tour

Canopy Tours

The purpose of these tours is to allow you to have a thrilling adventure while gliding through the tree tops in a dense jungle and getting a “bird’s eye” perspective of life in the tropical rain forest

Time: 3 hours

A zip line tour is located on the banks of the Rio Cangrejal, is in walking distance from Villas Pico Bonito and a lot of fun.  It is  actually in the park's cloud forest and is aided by knowledgeable guides who give you insight into jungle life and the animals therein.

Time: 5 hours or more

The other tour is located in Sambo Creek.  This zip line has many more cables that the zip line on the river and faster speeds are achieved.  We organize a driver to take you to Sambo Creek.  Once there these zip lines are on a walk via a horse trail that will take you up the mountainside into the dense tropical rain forest. Once there you will glide down the first of 13 different cables that will eventually bring you close to the highway once again.

You may want to make a day of it and visit Glenda's paradise and Hot Springs. A very pleasant setting with natural hot water springs at about 40 degrees centigrade (105 Fahrenheit). Although the facilities are limited, there is also a cold water pool, an area to hang your hammock and limited food and drinks on premises. Well worth the trip to experience these crystal clear soothing waters that will help you relax your muscles. Glenda’s Paradise is open daily.

After that head on down to Sambo Creek and the great restaurants there selling Garifuna food and check out the locals dancing Punta to fast paced music!

Please bring: Shorts, T-shirt, light shoes, sun cream, sun hat, insect repellent and your camera.


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